The Parties of God

There has been a “party of God” in Israel for some time, and it has a lock grip on the Political right wing. During the Assault on Gaza a couple of years ago, IDF members were asked about their methods. For them, they were enacting the commands of God in Deuteronomy (20:16-18):

“Howbeit of the cities that Yhwh Elohim gives you for an inheritance of these peoples: the Hittite, and the Amorite, the Canaanite, and the Perizzite, the Hivite, and the Jebusite; you shall save alive nothing that breathes, but shall utterly destroy them as Yhwh Elohim has commanded you. This is so they do not teach you to follow their abominations, which they have done unto their gods, and so cause you to sin against Yhwh Elohim.”

The parties of God in the Middle East are still nascent and subject to undermining. The Jihadists of Egypt, for instance, are being systematically pushed out on a limb. Hezbollah has recently been included among the ranks of terrorist organizations in Europe despite its strength. The budding parties in Syria are still not able to shrug off the Terrorist government – let alone extend influence across the Syrian border. Hamas is still hogtied in its efforts to resist the Isreali overlords – and Gaza has recently had their border with Egypt re-closed.

However, I acceed that if the Israeli overlords impose oppressive peace terms on the Palestinians, they will certainly be looking down a barrel in the reverse direction at a later date. Perhaps the nascent “Parties of God” will coalesce and the extant Jewish “Party of God” dissolve into disarray.

And Allah is the best of planners.


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