Discussion (3)


The extrapolation of Krashen’s “Monitor Model” for learning and acquisition expounded by Stevick (1980: 270-277) which he calls “The Levartov Machine,”could be a useful addition to the theory, especially where he designs in the influence of experience and social (cultural) forces on acquisition and learning, and the feedback cycle of reaction from language production on the part of those the speaker is interacting with.

At the same time a case can be made to approximate the culture of the teaching materials to the SC of the classroom members. Some authors and publishers of EFL course materials try to short circuit the transaction between the students and the TC. These attempts can be seen as positive, since they will never succeed in limiting how learners generate meaning. They aim to approach the learners SC so that the process of learning is facilitated. Taibah University piloted two course books to use with Saudi students. Middle East (ME) version of the Touchstone series published by Cambridge University Press, which was preferred, does not present English in sex mingling contexts. Any interaction between men and women or talk of relations between men and women is within the boundaries of marriage and the family, and the characters are dressed appropriately for ME culture. ME festivals, and traditions are included in the topics discussed, as well as more broadly based cultural differences in food, sport and handicrafts. Even more extreme in the presentation of ME culture in English language course books was tried by Pearson ELT’s ME Challenges series, where the speakers are mainly non-natives with recognizable ‘foreign’ accents, which reflects the growing perception of  English as global, including various ‘world Englishes’.

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