Appendix 1

INSIGHT:  Banning the Burqa

The extract below is from the middle of the third part of the program (after the 2nd commercial break), and was transcribed from the 4thvideo of the program labelled  “Burqa Ban Debate (4/4)”placed on YouTube in 4 parts. See

Overt Roles of the Speakers in the extract

Jenny Brockey: (presenter) top journalist and documentary maker, she joined Insight as its host  in 2001.

Amina Ghafoor: (special guest) a 22 year married lady who has been wearing the full faced burqa for more than a year.

Uthman Bader: (vetted guest) speaker from a political group, Hizb At Tahrir, that believes all Muslims should be governed by the Khalifah with the Shariah as the constitution.

Sheikh Muhammed Omran: (vetted guest) Chairman of the Ahlus Sunna Wal Jama’ah Association, the mainstream Sunni Muslim body, in Australia.

Ahmad Saghir : (vetted guest) Amina Ghafoor’s husband.

Ruby Ahmad: (vetted guest) Feminist woman of Lebanese Muslim origins; wears western clothes.

Khadija al Khaddour: (vetted guest) Muslim daughter of a convert; does not wear the face veil.

Sibel Bennet: (vetted guest) A white Muslim convert who wears the face veil but allows her eyes to be visible.

Man: (unnamed guest) a young white man with a small beard wearing a scarf/bandana.

Other important people present (but not speakers in this extract)

Cory Bernadi: (special guest), Liberal Senator who wants to introduce a bill banning the burqa in Australia.

Tanveer Ahmad: (special guest) Media columnist, professing to being a non-practicing Muslim.

Jacques Miyard: (special guest by video link to Paris) UMP member, the French MP who proposed the bill for banning the burqa in France.

Tariq Ramadan: (special guest by video link to Doha) A Swiss national and Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies at Oxford University who was a consultant to the committees discussing the banning of the burqa in French public schools.

Key to Video Transcript by Jeremy Boulter

Transcript between [words]   means overlapping or overlapped speech

Ahh, er, um                             means voiced hesitations

Transcript in tan                     means faint or indistinct speech

Transcript written as xxxxx     means words are indecipherable

Transcript written ..                means significant pause

Transcript written …               means uncompleted or interrupted statements

Read On: Appendix 2: Author’s Video Transcript


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