Patterns of Islamic Terms used by Muslim Speakers of English in the Anglosphere


The Anglosphere consists of countries that use English as a native language. These often are perceived as the inner circle of English speaking countries, as Kachru (1992: 356) grouped them, but actually including of many world Englishes in the outer circle where English is a first Language or one of at least two languages spoken by bilinguals. Islamic terminology can be seen as contributing to world English in that much of its vocabulary is in use across the spectrum of world Englishes and even in other languages. Many resist the idea that the English used by Muslims for religious reasons is a viable living language, and see Islamic terminology as foreign jargon inserted into the dominant variety of English wherever it is spoken. However, this is not the case. Even when English words are used to substitute Arabic jargon, the concept that each of the replacement words for a particular “foreign” Arabic loanword is the denotation of that loanword. Thus it is suspended from its natural environment and placed into the Islamic environment of a comprehensible English tongue adequate to Muslim needs.

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