The Abode of Peace

The Abode of Peace is the name of a website which Dr. Abdu’ Razzaq Blackhirst dedicates to creating a niche for the practice of one’s Islamic faith in peace within “the Anglosphere” of western civilization. Birkhirst coins the word Anglosphere in Islam For English Speakers as referring to the dominant culture of the west which uses English, the “language with the greatest reach and cultural penetration worldwide.”  In Redefining the Abode of Peace, his objective is to redefine the term “abode of peace,” originally a geopolitical entity dominated by the Islamic Khalifah, to mean anywhere where Muslims are free to practice their faith without hindrance. This is in contrast to the geopolitical entity dominated by Christendom classically referred to as the “abode of war.” Although the site does not state it explicitly, it follows that, from this redefinition, any modern “abode of war” would be congruent to where Muslims or Christians are not allowed to practice their faith freely within societies where the other (or another) is the majority.

Read on: Alienating Jargon


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